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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  January 27, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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news4 at 11:00 starts now. right now at 11:00, getting you ready for a slick commute on monday morning. for some, the freezing rain could start in a matter of hours. trapped in a brazil nightclub. more than 200 dead and 100 injured. most of the victims suffocated inside with no way out. and four years later, former rivals barack obama and hillary clinton on "60 minutes" talking about their relationship now and addressing questions about 2016. first, breaking news tonight for federal employees in the district. federal offices in d.c. will not open until noon tomorrow, and they are urging employees to stay off the roads until 10:00 a.m. workers will have the option for unscheduled leave or telework. all this because of a winter
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weather advisory and the potential for some very slick conditions tomorrow morning. let's get right to meteorologist verronica johnson on the timing. >> we're liking to see school delays, as well, because of that icy mess we're going to get during the morning rush. a combination of freezing rain, a little sleet, and maybe even some snow for all of these areas. so it encompasses the viewing area, starting at 3:00 a.m. and going until 10:00 a.m., areas far west will start as early as 1:00 a.m. and areas north hanging on up until noontime with this freezing rain mess. so quite slippery on any untreated surfaces, the sidewalks, bridges, overpasses. you can see there's not much showing up on radar right now, but it will be by the time the morning unfolds. just enough to make the morning
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slick. take a look at it. the hour by hour forecast here, starting with freezing rain at 4:00 a.m. your temperature at 31 degrees. we're going to hold at 32 for 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 a.m. then as we get to 8:00, 9:00 a.m., freezing rain and regular rain starts to take over as temperatures warm. areas to the north will have it worse than areas to the south. the deal, is as we get at least to 9:00 a.m., will be quite icy throughout the area. a big mess just not here but up to the north, too. coming up, we'll look at our extended forecast, which encompasses two seasons, not just winter. >> let's see where the storm is coming from. it's already done damage in the upper midwest. started with light snow in southern minnesota, changed to freezing rain, causing hundreds of car accidents. chicago and parts of wisconsin
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hit, as well. some of the worst hit areas got more than a quarter inch of ice. back here at home, it's going to be the timing of all this that creates the biggest problem. we've been checking in with road crews and drivers to see how they're getting ready. darcy spencer is live in rockville with details on that part of it. >> reporter: transportation departments from across the region are planning for tomorrow morning's weather. many of the crews are in bed right now, resting up because they'll have to deploy as soon as midnight tonight. george baldwin is a private contractor throwing ice out on sidewalks and roadways, getting ready for whatever may come monday morning. how bad do you think it's going to be. >> seems like it's going to be bad. the storm is coming in. >> reporter: on friday afternoon, a blast of winter weather came just as commuters were heading home. on monday, the commute could be just as tough. the region is under a winter
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weather advisory. freezing rain could make roads slick as folks head to work. >> stay off any major highway. but i heard it's not going to that much of a snowstorm, just a little icing. so nothing major. >> reporter: in d.c., transportation workers are scheduled to arrive at 4:00 a.m. and deploy an hour later. the maryland state highway administration will deploy about 350 trucks in the d.c. suburbs, salting roads in the rly morning hours. and the virginia department of transportation has already begun pretreating commuter routes. 650 trucks will mobilize in northern virginia at midnight. >> i'm not a weather fanatic as some are, but i have two young children, so i'm glad if we have a snow play day, i'll be glad about it. >> reporter: not sure if we're going to have a snow play day. transportation officials stay it's important to know what to expect. plan ahead and obviously allow
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yourself extra time if you're heading out. reporting live, darcy spencer, news4. >> news4 today starting early tomorrow, making sure you get the latest weather, traffic and any school delays as you head out the door. tune in right here starting at 4:00 tomorrow morning. an investigation under way after that deadly nightclub fire in brazil. more than 230 people killed inside the packed club in the college town of santa maria. francis coe has more on what started the fire and why it was so deadly. >> reporter: amateur video captures the chaos and panic outside a nightclub. mean are seen taking off their shirts, trying to fan away smoke from survivor's clothes. others join firefighters in knocking down the windows and walls to free those trapped. witnesses say a flare lit my band members evolved into a
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fast-moving blaze. the club had only one exit that was partially blocked by dead bodies. bouncers originally hampered people from running out thinking they were running out on bar tabs. the process of identifying the dead has already begun. relatives and friends gathered at a local gymnasium, turned into a makeshift morgue. the brazilian president cut short a visit to chile to fly to the scene. she consoled relatives of the victims and moved to tears. a three-day period of mourning has been declared after what's considered the world's deadliest nightclub fire in more than a decade. here at home, a delegate injured in a house fire last week has died. 83-year-old christina jones passed away in baltimore. she was taken there thursday after she was badly injured in a
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fire at her home in temple hills. jones was the first african-american to represent prince george's county in maryland's general assembly. investigators say the fire started in a first flo bedroom, but they don't know why. family, friends and colleagues paid their final respects to gallaudet university today. laura schneider gardner and her teenage daughter both died in a house fire last week in falls church. both were hearing impaired. schneider-gardner taught math and coached soccer at the school for the death. and one of her students says he's known laura since he was 6. >> translator: and laura was like my aunt and marianne was like my sister. we grew up together and we fought with each other like true siblings do and we ended up loving each other just like true siblings do. i can't imagine my life without
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her. >> family is asking people to make donations to a scholarship fund in lieu of flowers. you can find out more on our website. just search gallaudet. developing in new york, two people recovering from hypothermia after a small plane crashed into the hudson river just before 5:30 this afternoon. the faa says it left from trenton, new jersey. the pilot and a passenger were found floating in the river, with their live vests on. this month marks four years since the so-called miracle on the hudson when a usair flight landed on the hudson river. all 155 people on board that flight survived. a state of emergency and night curfews in effect for three cities in egypt, hit hard by political violence. more than 50 people have been killed just in the last three days. an angry mohamed morsi addressed the nation saying he would not hesitate to take more action to stop the violence. today alone, seven people were
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killed at the funeral of the victims of a riot yesterday. morsi wants to meet with the nation's different political factions tomorrow in hopes of ending the violence. more than five years after facing off as bitter opponents, secretary of state hillary clinton and president obama sat down for a joint interview tonight and the pair looked friendly and relaxed as they discussed the last four years on "60 minutes." this comes in the final days of secretary of state hillary clinton's sen yotenure at the s department. >> i think there's a sense of understanding that, you know, sometimes it doesn't even take words because we have similar views, we have similar experiences that i think provide a bond that may seem unlikely to some but has been really at the core of our relationship. >> president obama said he thinks clinton will go down as one of the finest secretaries of
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state the country has ever had. both by the way laughed off any mention of the 2016 election. lawmakers showing signs of common ground tonight on immigration reform. president obama has a plan he'll unveil tuesday and an influential group of senators is working on its own plan. brian mooar explains the new effort on capitol hill to get a deal done this year. >> reporter: days before laying out his vision for immigration reform, president obama was at the white house huddling with latino lawmakers. >> a comprehensive approach the finally in this country to have an immigration law we can live with. >> reporter: that approach features a path to citizenship for immigrants living illegally in this country. it has the backing of three of the senate's top democrats and three top republicans, including florida's marko rubio and arizona's john mccain. >> we can't go on forever with
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11 million people living in an illegal status. >> reporter: immigration reform is one of the few issues in washington on which both sides are calling for sweeping reform. >> there are a lot of democrats in congress who once and for all want to solve this problem, fix this mess, a broken immigration system and many of us agree with that. >> i see things that were once off the table for agreement and discussion being on the table with a serious pathway forward. >> reporter: but there are potential sticking points. >> i do think that enforcement has to be a big part of it. >> republicans demand better protection and crackdown on companies that hire illegal immigrants. fine print that will come into focus this week as washington reopens the case for immigration reform. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. time running out for a group of puppies trading to be service dogs. their trainers have used the same building for years. now they're looking for a new home. coming up, why they have to find
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one so soon. another award show tonight in hollywood. could "argo" get more momentum on its way to oscar night? that's next. coming up on "sports final," the cap's captain helps sink the sabres and gives his new coach a much anticipated victory. we'll have all your highlights from a super sunday in the nba. and from the stars of today to the stars of tomorrow, we'll introduce you to a special class who is doing big things. that's all coming up after the news right here on nbc 4.
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and it goes to the cast of "argo." >> "argo" talking away as the big winner tonight. that movie took home top honors for outstanding cast. among the other winners, anne hathaway and daniel day lewis. "modern family" won for best tv family comedy. three people under arrest tonight. another still on the loose after two armed robberies near the campus of the university of maryland. the three all under arrest. police say they robbed a student using brass knuckles around 3:00 this morning. police are still looking for another suspect who robbed a student at the varsity apartment complex. that happened early this afternoon. both robberies have other
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students a little on edge. >> it's kind of unsettling. today we're looking at apartments and we just got a text message saying there was an armed robbery. >> police say the suspect in the second robbery had a gun and tried to take a student's laptop. that student fought back and the suspect ran away empty handed. for the last ten years, a church in vienna has been home for a service dog training school. at guiding eyes for the blind, the puppies are put through the paces tone sure they make good guide dogs for the visually impaired. school is held on sundays in the basement of the church. but the church says it needs the space back. trainers say the location is ideal. >> this place has been great, because it gives us a lot of the different socialization aspects we need for the training of future guide dogs. we use the staircases, the ex-peer your components like storm drains, the traffic. >> trainers have up to a
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two-year waiting list for these guide dogs. they have to be out of the church by february 15 and still don't have a new location yet. hope they find one. >> yes. >> they're going to be slipping and sliding around tomorrow morning, aren't they? >> if they're outside. so i'm stressing to stay inside if you can for the morning hours. i'm talking about all the way through 8:00, 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. >> go in late if you can. >> there's likely to be delays at the airports. this is a system not just for us. new york city, boston area, even philadelphia could see some icing tomorrow. let's head on over to the weather wall and talk about what's going on there. winter weather advisory starts at 3:00 a.m. and it covers the viewing area. even down south through the carolinas, they too are expecting icing. this is part of the system that affected areas of the midwest. you can see the precipitation racing to the east. this is a fast-moving system. pittsburgh, areas just to the north of us, showing prec
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precipitation right now. as i peel back the composite, it's not reaching the ground here. where it is is just to the west. huntington reporting light rain that's far off in areas of northern west virginia right now. so it's going to take time to saturate the air, the air just so dry right now. i expect by the time we get to 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, we'll be looking at freezing rain. that's what is in the pink. again, at times a little sleet mixing in. the white, the blue, purple, that is snow up to the north. around frederick, westminister, by 6:00 a.m., down to the south, mostly rain. so areas that will have it the worst, way up to the north. areas a little better down to the south. culpeper, fredericksburg staying all rain. it's freezing rain for d.c., gaithersburg and areas further north. by toon, all that is gone. it's out of here, that system. temperatures rising nicely by
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the afternoon. probably getting into the upper 30s to low 40s so when the next bout of precipitation comes through, it will be rain. we're at 32 right now, a little wind. windchill temperature at 25 degrees. tomorrow morning, though, right around freezing. that's what is so critical. this is not a big system for us, but a system that will affect the entire area with the fact that those temperature also be so critical and we'll be looking at freezing rain around here during the morning rush. for the afternoon, 39 to 40 degrees. 41 in fort belvior. we could get a little sunshine by the afternoon. take a look at the four-day forecast. mentioned earlier, two seasons. talking about winter and spring. you see the number on tuesday and wednesday. 60 for a high. 67 degrees on wednesday. then that front comes through and we're back down to cold and back to winter by the end of the week. so sandwich in between a little bit of spring.
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let's pull out tomorrow and talk about it. 70% chance of freezing rain, sleet and snow, a wintery mix, mainly during for the morning. that morning rush really being affected. as far as midweek goes, there's an 80% chance we'll see more rain move back in. it's going to be a warm front for us and maybe a thunderstorm or two just down to the south. 20 degrees above average after a dry start. again, three quarters to an inch of rain. that system moves on out and look what happens on thursday. we will see falling temperatures throughout the day. the numbers will really start to tumble. by the time we get to friday at the end of the week, jim, it's back to winter. some 30 degrees colder, blustery. we could even end the week the same way we started it with a few flurries around the area. so a lot going on this week. but at least as far as tomorrow morning goes, stay inside, stay put until all this starts to warm and we see mostly rain and
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the roads become safe to travel. >> d.c. public schools, opening delayed by two hours for d.c. public schools and for anymore delays or possible closings, noon in starting at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. thanks, v.j. the caps finally give the home t
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fans had to wait a little while for it, but caps get a win. >> it wasn't looking good early. better late than never for the capitals. before today, they were the only winless team in the league, earning just one point in four games. alex ovechkin hadn't scored a goal, but after a meeting with the sabres, all is well with the capitals. ovechkin getting friendy with the verizon center glass.
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rebound, joel ward. he beats ryan miller. ward had just six goals all of last year. he already has three this season. and we're tied at 1-1. second period, john erskine from the point. he gets the job done here. watch the path of the puck off cody and in. that's his first goal since 2011. caps up 2-1. third period, the moment we've all been waiting for, capitals on the power play. alex ovechkin comes through. finally breaking through for his first goal this season. caps win this one 3-2. their first victory of the year and their first head coaching win for adam oats. to hawaii now for the pro bowl. london fletcher talking it over with lorenzo alexander before the game. not much defense in this one. first quarter, afc up 7-0. drew brees airs it out to vincent jackson. 36-yard touchdown. one of two on the day for
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jackson. we're knotted up at 7-7. second quarter, nfc up 10-7. eli manning gets picked off by derek johnson. the chiefs' line backer takes it 42 yards the other way and the afc takes the lead 14-10. nfc comes back, up 31-10. russell wilson putting the spin move on and fires one downfield to doug martin. 28-yard score. one of three touchdown passes in the game for wilson. these two teams combined for 98 points. the nfc wins it 62-35. paul hewitt and george mason trying to hand northeastern their first conference loss. first half action, mason down six. second half, northeastern still up eight. joel smith inside to spencer for
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the dunk down low. 14 points for him. huskies up by 10. they wouldn't look back. joel smith buries the three. northeastern win it 71-51, snapping mason's three-game winning streak. coming up on "sports final," we'll have reaction from a joyous cap's locker room after their first victory of the year. and golf season is upon us. tiger is taking over at torrey pines. and just wait till you see what they're doing now. that's all on "sports final" in just a few minutes. so a big win for the caps. they're on the road in ottawa and toronto. >> jason, thanks. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the big hot pastrami melt.
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checking back in. we have a mess you commute in the morning, don't we? >> we do. for anybody starting out early around 3:00 or 4:00 a.m., you'll see the freezing rain starting to fall. by the time we get to 7:00, 8:00 a.m., we'll be well in it and a light accumulation of ice on area roads you need to wait until it's over. big-time travel delays for the morning rush. >> be careful when you head out the door. have the right kind of shoes on, too. d.c. public schools are starting two hours late. that's delayed opening for d.c. public schools. news4 today starting at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. have a good night in the meantime.
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